With every SIM Card you have

Data 2G/3G/4G/LTE-M
Always the best speed available
Global & multi-operator coverage

Consumption-based or Flat Pooled data plans (shared data usage)
Change plan immediately and whenever you want without costs
SMS via Platform API/Push Api

  Active SIMs per month


  (Mb) Data Usage per month


Pay as you Use EU
Fixed Plan EU
Pay as you Use Select
Pay as you Use Global

All prices shown are VAT excluded

Pooled Plans
The SIM Cards in the same plan are always considered as POOLED and the traffic is shared between them like in the example below

- 5 SIM Cards with Fixed Plan EU 10Mb
- Total Mb: 50 Mb (10Mb x 5 Cards)
Possible compliant use case, with NO EXTRA CHARGES:

SIM CardData Usage
SIM 120Mb
SIM 215Mb
SIM 30Mb
SIM 410Mb
SIM 55Mb